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Board & Train

Board & Train is charged according to how long your dog will be staying with us for training. Included with our Board & Train program are daily training sessions, a training collar and other supplies, training field trips, and a two hour Private Lesson with the trainer at the time of pick up. We will also send home a packet of notes and instructions as a reference after going back home to help you maintain the skills your dog has learned. A follow-up lesson is also included, to be scheduled within one month of the completion of training. All boarding fees associated with your dog's stay are also included.

We offer all levels of training from basic obedience and "puppy boot camp", to behavior modification, advanced obedience, tracking/detection, and protection K9 training.

All dogs coming for Board & Train programs must be current on their vaccinations to include Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella.


 Board & Train 1 month = $1950 

(Each additional week is $400/week)

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